• We at SUPERCON INDIA  are Manufacturer of Variety of Non Ferrous Products and Specializing in Production of Lead Tin Anode / Chrome Plating Anode,Zinc Sacrificial Anodes ,Lead Wire,Solder Wire,Solder Sticks and various other soldering  material.
  • List of the raw metals that we alloy with to produce any configuration you require.
      • Tin (Sn):  Complies ASTM B339 – Grade “A” Tin.
      • Lead (Pb):  Complies with ASTM B29 – Corroding Grade Lead.
      • Antimony (Sb):  Complies with ASTM B237 – Grade “B” Antimony.
  • We manufacture Sacrificial Zinc anodes complying to Marine standards.
  • We not only cast and extrude in custom shapes and sizes, but we are also specialists in Lead-Tin Bonding and Lining Services.
  • We have the personnel and the years of experience with our well trained workers to turn your CAD drawing, blueprint, or sketch into a finished product.
Hard Chrome Plating anodes

Lead Tin Anode

 Leas Tin anodes are mostly used in chrome plating. The object to be plated is dipped into a bath of liquid chromium that is equipped with an anode. When a current is conducted from the anode to the object to be plated, chromium adheres to the object’s surface. The anode acts as a positive electrode, while the object to be plated acts as the negative electrode, or cathode.

Solder Wire

Solder Wire And Solder Sticks

Solder wire is utilized to bond metal work pieces together and its applications are broad in the Industry.Solder sticks are generally used in Wave Soldering or Hot Dip Soldering process.They are Manufactured with composition ration according to customer's requirement.

Lead Wire

Applications of Lead wire are various naming a couple in bullet shots, electric lights, in connect rectifiers, etc

Lead Lining,Lead Bonding,Lead Burning

In this process Lead or Lead-Tin alloy is homogeneously bonded on the metal substrate whic mostly are Mild Steel or Copper.

Recycling of anodes
Hard Chrome Plating anodes

Our refining process enables us to offer the opportunity to convert your used or scrap anodes into new anodes, affording considerable savings and guaranteed quality control.


Plating Anodes

Plating anodes are used in electroplating process.We deal in Chrome Plating Anodes,Copper anodes,nickel anodes,Tin anodes,Titanium Basket anodes,Platinized Titanium anodes,Cadmium Plating Anodes etc.

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