Lead Tin Anode :

  • We at SUPERCON INDIA are Lead Tin anode manufacturer used in chrome plating baths.

  • We have made our name in our industry as leading Lead Tin Anode supplier and manufacturer in India.

  • Extruded Lead anodes are most preferred due to dense internal structure , Long use life ,Uniform Current transsmission.

  • Any shape and size, we can produce custom anodes as per your specification. 

  • Supercon India is manufacturer,supplier and exporter of lead anode ,lead tin anode ,Chrome anodes ,Hard Chrome plating anodes ,lead alloy anodes to countries like Australia , UAE , Saudi Arabia,Singapore ,Malaysia , United Kingdom ,Germany , Nigeria ,Egypt ,Qatar etc.

Hard Chrome Plating Anodes Manufacturer and Supplier

  • Anode is selected based on alloy composition ,shape and size of anode etc. Click here for more information on anodes selection criteria. 
  • Chrome Plating Anodes are made up of Lead Tin alloy.

  • We have manufactured Solid lead anodes and Lead Bonded Anodes upto 12,000 mm long with various cross section as per customer requirement.

  • Only Copper Hooks are used as it is the best conductor. Connection between Copper hook and lead alloy is perfectly integrated resulting in perfect current conductivity.

  • Only LME approved brands raw material is sourced for manufacturing Chrome Plating anodes.

  • We manufacturer anode by Extrusion and Casting process, but we are also specialists in Lead alloy Bonding on MS/Copper core.
  • Explore our Product Gallery for different types of anodes we manufacture.
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  • Types of lead anodes we manufacture are :
  • Flat Corrugated Anodes 
  • Round Anodes
  • Hollow conforming anodes
  • Rossette Profile Anode
  • Find below a list of the raw metals that we alloy with to produce any configuration you require.
  • Anodes manufactured have uniform alloy composition and negligible segregation which is the most important factor in working cycle of anodes.
  • We manufacture anode with integrated EC grade copper hook fabricated according to bus bar shape in order to optimize current flow with a very good contact with Bus Bar / feeder.

  • Anodes are manufactured in an ISO 9001/QS 9000 certified facility and exceed all applicable industry specifications. They are made with copper hooks, the hooks can be plastisol coated or tinned.
  • If you have old anodes you can also opt for our service of recycling of anodes

Raw Material :
  • Find below a list of the raw metals that we alloy with to produce any configuration you require.

  • Lead (Pb):  Complies with ASTM B29- Corroding Grade Lead. (HZL-Vedanta )

  • Tin (Sn):  Complies ASTM B339 -Grade "A" Tin. - (Imported Malaysia Smelting Corporation )