Lead Anodes Electrowinning :

  • Lead anodes are used in  SX-EW ( Solvent Extraction Electro winning ) plants of Copper,Nickel,Cobalt,Zinc and Mangnese.
  • Lead is alloyed with metals like tin,antimony,silver,calcium etc for various solvent solutions.
  • Lead anodes for copper electrowinning – Lead Tin Calcium alloy anode.
  • Lead anodes for Zinc electrowinning – Lead Silver alloy anode.
  • Lead anodes for Mangnese Electrowinning – Lead Silver alloy anode.
Manufacturing Outlook :
  • Anode plate for copper electrowinning industry is cold rolled lead alloy anode sheet with uniform grain structure, high corrosion resistance etc.
  • This anode plate(lead alloy anode sheet)connects with the Copper hanger bar double-side welding with Lead alloy coating, or plate plug-in welding. 
  • The copper bar is coated with tin and then lead coated. 
  • The good welding technique and good quality anode plate and hanger bar allows the anode plate could use in harsh environment for long time.
Rolling of anode plate : 

Cold rolling of anodes subsequent to casting improves the efficiency and life of the anode by separating the grain structure and stretching and orientating the grains for a more homogenous microstructure. This improves the anodes performance through:

Uniform conditioning and corrosion resistant

Opposition against creep

Further developed conductivity

Reduced porosity