Sacrificial Anodes :

Zinc Hull Anode
  • We at SUPERCON INDIA are manufacturing and Exporting of different types of sacrificial anodes.  
  • Sacrificial anodes are made up of Aluminium, Zinc ,Magnesium.
  • The shape of the anode can be decided on the basis of factors such as the shape of the equipment or part to be protected; space accessibility and installation ease; openness of various shapes in various conditions; and so on
  • Anodes can be fitted to the equipment to be protected by different methods like by bolting , welding or using brackets or ties.
  • The rate at which any anode is consumed is a function of its size—and
    how much metal it is protecting. In
    simple terms, if anodes remain
    unchanged with use, something’s
    probably wrong with the bonding system, and underwater metals may not
    be properly protected. If they are consumed too rapidly, or if the rate
    increases noticeably, there’s probably
    something wrong with the system, or
    stray current corrosion is at work.





Electrical potential –  (-)1.1 Volts

Aluminium Anodes have  advantages like lighter in weight, with  higher capacity than zinc and a slower corrosion level than magnesium. They are a popular choice due to their ability to perform in different water types and their increased longevity due to their increased current capacity compared to aluminium and zinc.  They are also not considered a pollutant so are better for the environment. Aluminium Anodes can be used in seawater, as well as brackish and fresh water. We are a leading supplier and exporter of Anodes, therefore you are guaranteed the highest quality when purchasing our products.


Electrical potential – (-)1.05 Volts

We have Zinc Anodes available in a range of designs which are specifically crafted to offer different conductive properties and connection options to suit particular types of structures. Hull anodes are designed to flush mount against the hulls of ships, tanks via built in steel straps. Anodes can be manufactured with many different core and attachment types.





Electrical potential –  (-)1.6 Volts

Magnesium Anodes are very electronegative, therefore they are increasingly able to supply electrons to the more electropositive steel when in electrical contact in water, resulting in cathodic protection of the steel surface. They have very high efficiency and the highest available driving potential, which is an advantage in higher resistivity soils. Magnesium Anodes can be used for both underground and under water applications but work best in fresh water.

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